Top 10 Myths About Thailand – Get The Truth Before You Arrive!

//Top 10 Myths About Thailand – Get The Truth Before You Arrive!

Top 10 Myths About Thailand – Get The Truth Before You Arrive!

Myth Number 6

Alcohol is easy to get- Thailand is famous for their exciting night life and crazy full moon parties, alcohol is everywhere but did you know that you cannot just drink alcohol in public areas like parks, hospitals, train station, etc. Also, There are restricted hours for general/convenience stores like 7/11 are allowed to sell alcohol. Every Day from 2pm to 5pm and from Midnight to 11am locks are put on the fridges and the cashiers will not take the risk of betting fired.There is also a ban on selling alcohol during religious holidays and election time.

Myth Number 7

Thailand is not Kid Friendly- Bangkok might be known sin-city but there is always more to Thailand than just adult escapades. There are dozens of things for the family to do such as:water parks, Bangkok zoo,local island hopping that are perfect for family bonding.

Myth Number 8

All Thais are vegetarian – It is an understandable misconception since the majority of people in Thailand are Buddhists but people eat meat and seafood all the time.

Myth Number 9 

Get in trouble, pay the police! Not a good idea. Not all Thai police are keen on accepting money from people who have done some kind of violation. Please show respect and when it comes to breaking the laws in Thailand, don’t test you luck.

Myth Number 10  

Thailand is a dangerous country – The political riots in Thailand a few years back gave some people the impression that Thailand is a dangerous place. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Thailand is one of the safest destinations in the World and men and single women find it the ideal starting point in their international traveling adventures. The simple truth is, bad people exist throughout the world. Don’t assume that ALL people living in Thailand are violent just because of a few demonstrations.

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