Bridal Cosmetic Surgery | Affordable Pre-Wedding Makeovers in Bangkok

/Bridal Cosmetic Surgery | Affordable Pre-Wedding Makeovers in Bangkok
Bridal Cosmetic Surgery | Affordable Pre-Wedding Makeovers in Bangkok 2017-06-14T17:09:22+07:00

Commonly referred to as The “BIG” day for every bride to be, a wedding calls for enormous amounts of preparation and planning  all in the name of beautiful love.  Understanding the significance of the big day, What bride wants to look mediocre in their once-in-a-lifetime event?

Bridalplasty in Thailand

Don’t worry, The Aesthetic Surgery center of Thailand understands that you want to look your best and can help you transform yourself before the big day in the affordable comforts and quality of Thailand. Brides and grooms to be choose to come to Bangkok or Phuket for minimally invasive treatments such as facelifts, vaser liposuction and Bodytite for nips bulges around the waist, to breast augmentation and tummy tucks to tuck those flabs from saggy arms. We also offer non-surgical solutions such as CAL stemcell facelifts (for that porcelain, flawless complexion),cosmetic gynecology, hair transplants and smile makeovers also.


It’s not merely about looking good as you walk down the aisle.  Your photographs will be testament to a truly blissful experience.  It’s not plainly a a cosmetic matter but also a good tool to improve your self-esteem and start your journey off right. If you are about to walk the aisle and are contemplating having an mummy makeover before your big day then wait no longer. Pick up the phone and contact us now to learn about the many surgical solutions for brides to be.

Dermal Fillers and Other Injectables

The easiest fixes can be done using natural or artificial dermal fillers and the liquid facelift. In as little as 24 hours we can erase those wrinkles and annoying facial lines immediately before the big day, but the thing is, your skin needs time to adapt to the applied changes and, of course, to heal.  For the BEST results, we suggest that you plan having your dermal filler sessions about two to three weeks prior to your wedding.  It gives ample time for the filler to settle for about a week, another for bruises to heal, and a margin in case a minor touch-up is necessary.

A Wedding Picture is Worth a Thousand Words


Groom Hair Transplants Before Wedding

Minimally Invasive Procedures

In the case of more invasive surgeries like eyelid surgery or a total facelift for a completely rejuvenated look, a couple of months is suggested.  However, given a lot of unfortunate stories about major cosmetic procedures, you might want to reconsider and opt for less invasive treatment modalities.

Skin Care

If you’re already blessed with a voluptuous silhouette, then maybe you just want to work on minor things such as teeth,hair or the maintenance of your skin.  Regular facials can easily eliminate dark spots, acne scars, age spots, and fine lines; tighten pores; and erase the