Cosmetic Foot Surgery Brachymetatarsia Hallux Valgus

//Cosmetic Foot Surgery Brachymetatarsia Hallux Valgus

Cosmetic Foot Surgery Brachymetatarsia Hallux Valgus

Men and Women are getting more and more conscious about their appearance, every body part seems to be improvable with cosmetic surgery these days. Even places such as the feet are not spared from the desire for improvement. Indeed, corrective foot surgery can now be done for cosmetic purposes. In case you love wearing those sexy, feet-baring stilettos, but you can’t stand those bunions, discomfort, or unappealing bulges, your answer may lie at the plastic surgery center of Thailands‘ cosmetic foot surgeries.


Fat reduction for Toes | Putting Your Best Foot Forward 

Yes, you read it right. Toes may now undergo slimming through liposuction so they may fit perfectly into those pointed shoes that leave your toes in excruciating pain by the end of the day. However, some women take it at great lengths by going drastic and having the pinkie toe removed.

Heel Cushions

We use our feet practically everyday and these are the “unfortunate” body parts that would have to bear our full body weight each and every day. With botox-foot-loub-job-thailandthat in mind, heel cushion injections are now becoming a popular cosmetic surgery and involves injecting dermal/tissue filler into the balls of the feet, as well as the heel pads. The wear and tear on your feet are not more than just a cosmetic improvement but can actually help improve the feet’s proper function. The soft tissue fillers, which may be made of either adipose fat (similar to stem cell breast and CAL facelifts ) and act as shock absorbers as you bear weight and move about. The result of having heel cushion injections is increased comfort and diminished pain, and this would appeal most probably to those who are always “on their feet.”

The idea of heel cushions or “foot pillows” has been coined “Loub Jobs,” as the demand for it in Thailand has increased thanks to renowned French shoe designer, Christian Louboutin.

Botox Foot Injections

Botox is not just meant for those forehead creases,vampire lifts or liquid facelifts. It is also useful for the feet to alleviate excessive sweating and stinking. The procedure might be quite painful though, as there’s not enough thick musculature to inject around the feet. But if Botox can treat excessive perspiration in the underarms, then it can do the same for the feet.

Laser Therapy

brachymetatarsia-bunion-surgery-thailand-bangkokLaser is known to quickly eliminate body and foot hair and eliminate toenail fungus or onychomycosis. However, results are not instant for the latter case. Nails don’t typically grow back instantly once they’re eaten up by fungus, and it would take time even with laser therapy. But at least it gives you hope for healthy nails to re-grow.

Pampering Your Soles

If its good for the face chances are that the same ‘magic’ is good for the feet also. Both body parts may be far apart standing on opposite poles, but both are covered with skin. Therefore, feet may indulge in sessions of micro-dermabrasion or chemical peels to rejuvenate the skin on the feet.


If you would like to improve the appearance of your feet, or you’re simply concerned about some foot infection that needs immediate treatment, our team of feet experts in Bangkok or Phuket can certainly put their “best feet forward” to give your feet the treatment that you deserve. You can put your best feet forward then as you head out our facility with revitalized, sexier feet  in your new stilettos.

Other Treatments Available

  • Straightening of bent toes
  • Hallux valgus correction
  • Correction of hammer toes
  • Bunion surgery
  • Complete foot/toe makeover
  •  Foot face lift
  • Toe lengthening
  •  Toe shortening
  •  Foot narrowing
  •  Toe tuck (resizing toes)
  •  Toe obesity correction (making “fat” toes thinner)
  •  Nail resizing

To learn more about cosmetic foot surgery options from the best foot specialists in Thailand, Brachymetatarsia,Bunion surgery or Toe shortening surgery please contact us today.

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