Natural Butt Reshaping Using Fat and Stem Cells | Brazilian Butt Lift

//Natural Butt Reshaping Using Fat and Stem Cells | Brazilian Butt Lift

Natural Butt Reshaping Using Fat and Stem Cells | Brazilian Butt Lift

Waxing another innovative procedure into the realm of body enhancements, the Brazilian butt lift in Bangkok aims to take your behind to greater heights, so to speak.

With people getting frustrated with butt augmentation using implants because of its inability to shape and lift the lower part of the butt, the Brazilian butt lift brings light into the picture.  Also known as fat grafting or injections to the buttocks, it is an aesthetic procedure that follows the “Brazilian heritage” of rounded behinds in women, hence the name.

Stem Cell Enhanced Buttlift

However, despite the increasing demand for this procedure, research is ongoing as to the revitalizing properties of fat and the amount of fat necessary to perform the procedure for most women.  The existing challenges and qualification risks to have the procedure are real. Similar to the Stem Cell Breast Enlargement, Women with low BMI Index or Bodyfat may not qualify for Cell Assisted Fat Transfers to the Butt better known as the Stem Cell Buttlift.


This is due to the fact that only 50%-70% of the injected fat is capable of developing its own blood supply.  The other half dissolves or passes naturally, rendering the procedure short in terms of its efficacy and result.  Given this dilemma, our plastic surgeons in Bangkok tend to inject a slightly higher amount to compensate for the fraction that dissolves into the body.  With the ongoing dissolving process, the treatment may entails periodic touch-ups especially if you live a very active lifestyle or if your job requires excessive sitting throughout the day.

The Brazilian Butt Lift Procedure in Thailand

The plastic surgery center of Thailand is proud to offer Genuine Brazilian Buttlift in Bangkok Thailand. The fat grafting required for this treatment is initially done via liposuction.  Fat is extracted from areas where you don’t want it – most common of which are the abdomen, thighs, or flank.  The extracted fat then undergoes a purification process in our exclusive closed system stem cell lab in Bangkok before it is re-injected into your behind.

However, note that fat grafting may be done with other butt lifting procedures but not those that utilize implants, as this encourages infection, poor aesthetic results, and possible extrusion of the implant.

The Risks of Fat Lipotransfer to the Buttocks

All surgery carries risk, however risks associated with minimally invasive surgeries such as Brazilian Butt Lift are significantly less than complications associated with Butt Implant Surgery. Some of the risks associated with fat lipotransfer procedures are minor infections and flu like symptoms for 1-3 days after surgery. There is virtually zero risk of rejection as the fat and stem cells are taken from the patient themselves. This type of treatment is called “Autologous” or From your own body.  What is particularly appealing for one may not be the same case for another patient.  Asymmetry may be also form if proper aftercare is not followed due to the fat being dissolved at an uneven rate.

Recycle Your Fat Into A Curvacious Body

What is “junk” to your abdomen could be treasure for your rear.  It’s like hitting two birds with a single stone.  You can eliminate unwanted fat from those body parts where you hate to see them and transfer them to where it would be more appropriate.

However, please don’t confuse regular fat transfers with the Cell Assisted Fat Lipotransfer we offer in Bangkok. Regular fat transfers are temporary at best and often give uneven results due to a high dissolving factor, it is very important that you only entrust the procedure to highly skilled plastic surgeons with extensive experience in performing butt lifts and liposuction using stem cells.  And that is what our facility in Bangkok offers.  We can address your rear problem with a team of experts that can ensure optimum results in a short holiday. Generally the treatment done under local anesthesia and will not require an overnight stay in the hospital. The complete Brazilian Butt Lift surgery requires 6-7 Nights total in Bangkok.

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Why Thailand?

There are many reasons people come to Thailand for surgery. Typically the 2 biggest factors are quality of medical care and price. You can save 45%-60% more money in Bangkok when compared to the same treatment in countries like Australia, United Kingdom and the USA. Often times, this procedures is combined with other treatments such as a pre-wedding makeover, mommy makeoverfacelift,nose surgery,eyelid surgery and breast augmentations such as CAL Breast Augmentation that can be done simultaneously by our specialists, allowing you to save on time and cost, particularly on anesthesia and other professional fees if these procedures will be done by one of our board-certified Thai plastic surgeons.

To learn more about assisted fat transfers to the Buttocks including the Brazilian Buttlift in Bangkok, please contact us today.

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