Before and After Surgery Care in Thailand to Optimize Result

/Before and After Surgery Care in Thailand to Optimize Result
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Among all concerns our patients have, the major one is what can be done prior and post surgical treatments to support and yield effective recovery. All of us prefer the very same result. We all desire the most natural looking outcome, of course, we inquire just what we can do to boost the recuperation and decrease scarring. Though bruises, scars and swelling is inescapable with the majority of surgical treatments, there are several suggestions that can be done to reduce these impacts.

Pre and Post Surgical Procedure

Please be reminded of our policy of Shared Obligation: We will certainly cooperate with you to recuperate well and lessen risks as much as possible, yet we will certainly require your complete responsibility of following instructions.

Prior to Surgical treatment Precautions and Groundwork

Helpful supplements prior to the surgery:

Before any surgical treatment, a great deal of our previous patients have actually readied their physique by taking vital dietary and organic supplements.

For managing dizziness, headaches, or just as a typical basic anxiety reducer, we recommend some excellent, yet simply natural pepper mint oil. Rub or dab on your temples or reflexology/pulse factors or place some on your handkerchief  or on your collar tips – it works wonders.

Physique Weight and Diet plan:

An indicator of ideal weight is BMI or Body Mass Index, which is a ratio of physique weight in kgs to body height in meters squared. People with ordinary weight has BMI between 18 to 25. Those that are over 25 is measured as overweight. BMI over 30 is considered obese. In less common cases, a patient can carry a lot of muscles than fat. His/her BMI will result higher and appears that the patient is ‘fatter’ than reality .A more accurate indicator of excessive weight is waist/hip ratio.  In women, this ratio must be below 0.8 and below 0.95 in men. Those who weigh 15kg over the perfect physique weight are not ideal candidates for cosmetic surgical treatment including liposuction or tummy tuck. These operations are invented just for physique contouring after major weight reduction and are certainly not designed as a weight loss solution where more than 5 kilos weight reduction is required.

Performing surgical procedure on overweight or obese persons will certainly not yield wanted desires and will just lead to patient’s frustration and a much higher opportunity of complications. Obese patients need to initially slim down to near typical degrees to become successful prospects.

A tidy, organic based diet plan, essential dietary supplements, regular workout and lowered anxiety in the weeks prior to surgical treatment has actually been revealed to significantly profit recovery and rehabilitation. The target is to obtain your physique in optimum wellness for as several months as feasible before surgical treatment. We have constantly discovered that the customers that do this have the quickest recuperation, remarkable effects and much less apparent scarring in the months post surgical treatment.

Stopping Smoking cigarettes

Our cosmetic surgeons suggest that surgical patients quit smoking cigarettes entirely for at the very least 1 month prior to and post surgical procedure. You ought to not take Nicorette gum or nicotine spots either for 21 days prior to and post surgical procedure.

Please be informed of our Non-smoking policy: Smoking causes postponed recuperation, wound healing failure and enhanced hazard of infection. We highly advise that you quit smoking 1 month prior to and post surgical treatment. If you smoke, all warranties are void for cigarette smokers, you could be refuted surgical treatment.

No Direct Sun Exposure!

Whatever therapy you select, most important thing is – maintaining all scarring marks under shade! All excellent surgeons will certainly recommend you to do this – it is positively required for good scar recovery. Contact of skin where surgical scarring is likely to happen to UV rays will certainly damage the skin and lead to improper healing. Do bring your sunscreen and beach hat if you prefer.

Pre and Blog post Surgical treatment Treatment – Massage and Therapies

If you are taking Liposuction into consideration, previous patients discovered it is favorable to get their skin in peak condition with massages of cream and oils. This might additionally minimize cellulite after your surgical procedure in the hips and upper leg areas.

Throughout Surgical procedure – What to Anticipate

Cosmetic surgeons realize scars are not desired and not called for by any patients, and for that reason they will certainly do the best they are capable of to leave incisions in concealed areas and in the folds of the skin.

Pre and Post Operative Care for Stem Cell Breast Enhancement : The plastic surgeons, on all occasions, advise the suture under the chest, for a far better form, and also an effective scar concealing effect beneath the breast crease. Various other suture alternatives are also selectable –  under the armpit and via the areola.

– Pre and Post Operative Care for Abdominoplasty (Tummy Tucks) Weight Loss Surgery Thailand : Scaring is certainly expected, typically from hip to another hip, nevertheless, the cosmetic surgeon constantly intends to position the cuts as reduced as feasible, near the panty line, so these can be covered with garments. If you have had a C-Section, at that point he will certainly attempt to comply with that exact same mark, so you will certainly be entrusted any sort of brand-new extra marks.

Pre and Post Operative Care for Facelift Thailand : Scarring marks are very little and usually hidden in the hairline. There will certainly be a little normally invisible mark in front of the ears, however with a brow lift, the marks are typically well within the hairline. There will certainly be blemishing and swelling around the eyes, and along the jaw line.

Pre and Post Operative Care for Liposuction Thailand : There will certainly be a few little marks as modern Liposuction in Thailand are minimal-invasive. Numbers of scars will depend on numbers of suctioned areas. These marks from suction tool or cannula will certainly be red for a couple of months, however will slowly fade away and can rarely be noticeable.

Post Surgical Care Tips

For most favourite cosmetic treatments in Thailand, below are what you may anticipate :

Pre and Post Operative Care for Stem Cell Breast Enhancement FAQ

Swelling is an inevitable post-operative condition, yet, is most likely to melt away from a couple of days to a couple of weeks. Bruises are, on the other hand, unusual, however it differs from patient to patient as each patient are willing to follow instructions on different levels. Marks are often concealed under the bust layers where skin folds, the underarm, or around the areola.

Pre and Post Surgical Care for Facelifts

Most bruising and swelling lasts for about a week. It is essential to constantly put on high SPF sunblock to conceal the scars from the UV as fresh scars are UV-sensitive post surgical procedure. After 7 days, the fading swelling and bruising can easily be covered with cosmetics, yet the ultimate surgical outcome still could not be seen for a couple of months.

Pre and Post Operative Guide for Liposuction 

After liposuction procedure, patients are strongly encouraged to put on a compression garment on each liposuctioned area for at least 14 days to lower bruises and swelling. After the first 3-4 days, compression garment can be taken off for bathing and showering.During this time, massaging liposuctioned areas with vitamin e cream. This will help boost circulation and healing. The incision stitches will be cut after a week. The following week, rubbing plays an important role in draining scar tissues underneath skin. It is also crucial to drink lots of water to re-hydrate the body, and this will also help with eliminating toxins and reducing cellulite.

Surgical Tummy Tuck in Thailand After Care

Bruising and swelling will certainly last at least a couple of weeks and will look like a fresh cut wound. Scarring are commonly to be expected in surgical tummy tucks, however there are helpful tips to help healing and reduce scars.  After 2-3 weeks, scarring marks will slowly wear off, and many individuals go back to normal routine after 6 months. Tummy tuck patients exchange post surgical scars for a much flatter stomach.

Post Treatment Instruction for Skin Lasers, Fraxel And Sellas Skin Laser


Moisturising routinely
Apply sunscreen that has SPF at least 30
Avoid direct sunshine as much as possible


Rub, scratch or peel off your skin
Take part in exercise that causes massive sweating
Swimming (chlorine or seawater could aggravate your skin).
Expose your skin continuously to sunlight for more than 15 mins
Exfoliate your skin
Use toners or facial care items that has alcohol or acids as an ingredient

Expected and common skin reaction:

Swelling or soreness for 2 days
Molting or dry skin for 7 days
Pimples or acnes (in rare cases)

Prior to and Post Treatment Care in Thailand Summary

Please be reminded it could take a few weeks to a few months for bruising and swelling to subside and the patient feels normal again. Till then, you may feel various mixed sensations, from numb to stinging pain to aching in different regions. If there are stitches straying to the surface, it is not serious. Merely see your medical professional to have them gotten rid of.

If a surgical outcomes look a little bit of unequal, this could be caused by bruising and/or swelling underneath the skin, this is very common and absolutely not to be stressed about, it is certainly yet slowly subsiding in time. Some individuals noticably take longer to past this point compared to others depending mainly on how strictly they follow medical instructions.

Recuperation is an individual procedure. The key lies in our physique’s potential to recover – some faster compared to others, relying on age and basic wellness.

Heredity additionally does play a significant part in the healing procedure, as well as the dimension, placement and depth of the cut.

For any kind of post-surgery inquiries, please send your e-mail to: assistance @

Prior to starting any kind of surgical procedure, we recommend you to study as long as feasible concerning your procedure. You may read about the majority of therapies on our internet site.