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/Genuine Thermage CPT in Bangkok | Affordable Wrinkle Reduction Tight
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When you are young, you never realize how great it is to have healthy, shining and glowing skin.  As you get older, you start to notice (quite often) the over-all quality of your skin has started to diminish. When you look at your face in the mirror, you can see dark lines appearing below your eyes. You will notice the features of your face and neck starting to sag along with the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Certain parts of your body are especially hit hard like your hands, legs, neck, tummy, etc.

Thermage Mini-Tuck | Video

If you want to be look younger again, it doesn’t hurt to explore your options. Modern medicine has created some amazing medical machines for age-management and skin care one of which is the Thermage CPT procedure. Thermage face-lifts can help you get to have smoother and firmer skin in as little as 2 treatment sessions in Thailand.

Thermage Laser Lift

Unlike other procedure on the market today, Thermage is 100% non-surgical procedure for collagen building and does not require general anesthesia. With Thermage, you do not have to undergo any surgery just to have a younger looking skin again. Thermage is absolutely non-invasive with minimum pain. It’s the modern and effective way to younger looking skin.


The laser procedure aims to renew and strengthen natural collagen production which in turn helps you have firmer and smoother skin. The nice thing about Thermage is that it can be applied nearly everywhere. Upper arms, forehead, eyes, jaw line, stomach, etc. can all benefit from better skin elasticity. We know that mother nature takes a toll on our face, but the reality is that nearly every part of our body has to go through the ageing process. We can’t turn back the clock, but we can help rejuvenate your skin to its previous glory with non-surgical thermage lift in Bangkok .

Thermage Treatment Overview and Prices

Thermage makes use the RF or radio frequency technology. The treatment uses a flat tip on the skin area to concentrate the RF waves in order to heat the collagen layers under the skin.