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/Buttock Augmentations Doctors|Butt Lifts Bangkok Gluteoplasty Prices Pictures
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Buttock Augmentation Surgery


Butt Augmentation in Thailand

Buttock augmentations in Thailand are also known by the popular names like  Gluteoplasty  or just a Butt Lift.  The minimally invasive cosmetic surgery procedure is offered by the top cosmetic surgeons in Thailand to help international clients enhance the shape and symmetry of a flat bottom. Butt Enlargements,Reductions, Butt implants and Butt Lifts are very popular with women and men visiting plastic surgery center of ThailandButtock augmentations  have become one of the most requested treatments and we are very proud to offer our clients with the safest most cost effective solutions found anywhere on Earth.

Your dreams of having a nice shapely butt can become a reality today with the Butt Lift surgery with real Butt augmentation surgery Reviews for Bangkok or Phuket. Our clients have loved having the butt lifts in Thailand and have reported feeling much sexier, with self-confidence levels sky high in as little as a few nights!

Butt Augmentation Video from Thailand

Butt lift Overview:

– The Butt augmentation can be done by either removing your excess skin then tightening it right above your upper butt thus lifting your butt to a newly desired position.

– The Thai buttock augmentation can also be done through fat lipo injections, butt implants or stem ccell assisted fat lipotransfer. The targeted fat injections are commonly called the Stem Cell Butt lift or Brazilian butt lift . In addition to gaining volume and shape prominence  the fat injections or cell assisted fat lipotransfers and can instantly give your buttocks a lift with more projection.

Thai Buttock Augmentation Doctors and Reviews

Your Butt augmentations are normally done using local or general anesthesia. Our recommended top plastic surgeons in Bangkok or Phuket are very careful to minimize any scars by using the latest most advanced equipment. The treatments resulting scarring is usually hidden even with a bikini on. The butt lifts and Butt Implants are a relatively painless procedure and performed on an outpatient basis (No Hospital Stay Needed) but some butt augmentation surgeries may require 1 to 2 night stay at one of our hospitals in Thailand if the surgeries are extensive or combined with other treatments like body lifts and/or face lifts.