Smart Laser Liposuction Promotions Prices and Reviews

/Smart Laser Liposuction Promotions Prices and Reviews
Smart Laser Liposuction Promotions Prices and Reviews 2017-06-14T17:09:22+07:00

One of the most popular minimally invasive laser lipo breakthroughs from a few years back was “SmartLipo MPX” from Cynosure Medical. SMART Lipo is also sometimes referred to as Laser Lipo and quickly gained popularity with doctors and patients looking to treat small to medium sized areas mainly because of its non-invasive nature.  The effective treatment generally does not require general anesthesia or requires large incisions and promises fast recovery and visible results before you return home.

How SmartLipo Works ( VIDEO)

Genuine Smart Laser Liposuction MPX at the Plastic surgery center of Thailand, utilizes a unique laser energy in breaking down fat molecules and dissolving layers of adipose tissue underneath the skin.  With the laser’s focused power, localized fat deposits may be effectively treated as well, something that some conventional liposuction modalities cannot do.  Given this, some places have also used SmartLipo in adjunct to traditional liposuction or tummy tucks to achieve maximum benefits. Laser Liposuction is also used for male breast reduction.

Please note that we do not mix techniques. Please also be aware of counterfeit chinese made SMARTLipo machines that some places offer. Our liposuction experts will only use Genuine SmartLipo, Vaser or BodyTite to remove fat safely,effectively and permanently. We also offer a completely non-surgical coolsculpting liposuction for those with mild fat pockets.

As an added bonus to fat removal power of Smart Liposuction, the laser energy is also believed to encourage collagen growth, thereby resulting in a well-toned and tighter appearance a technique that is also used in the stem cell facelift and CAL Breast Augmentation.  It also helps seal capillaries or tiny blood vessels, thereby reducing the bleeding and eventual swelling post-operatively.


Candidates for SmartLipo MPX in Bangkok

Although the aim is to eradicate small pockets of fat, this is not a treatment for the obese or excessively overweight.  Ideal candidates are patients who are in good health and maintain a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and proper diet.  SmartLipo MPX comes into the picture for these patients who, after having undergone several diet regimens and different workouts, cannot seem to zap out some fat pockets.  These