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In recent years, Bariatric Weight loss surgery is a fantastic option for men and women coming to the Aesthetic Surgery Center of Thailand for a combination medical holiday for drastic results in a short time. Often times weightloss surgery becomes the last option after all other weight loss programs,plans and diets have failed

 Gastric Sleeve and Lapband in Thailand


According to Obesity Associations around the world, bariatric surgery is considered to be the most effective surgical solution for the clinically obesity. Obesity surgery include a few types of solutions including the popular lapband, gastric bypass surgery, mini-gastric bypass surgery, gastric banding,RnY surgery and the gastric sleeve. Once you decide that you want to have weight loss surgery in Bangkok,your next questions will most likely be what method of gastric surgery is best for you. You should take as much time needed to thoroughly consider your options, the positive and negatives of each technique and also which gastric surgeon in Thailand that is best for you. We always recommend that our clients get consultations in their home countries to become educated about the options along with pricing back home so you can compare the same treatment in Bangkok. Fat does not have to be the enemy, since alot of it can be used to enhance other areas such as your face using the adipose fat stem cell facelift or shape your butt or even breasts with the new CAL stem cell breast enhancement option.

Laparoscopic Surgery

Currently we are offering two main types of bariatric weightloss surgeries:

Each type of surgery is designed for a specific purpose and work in different ways. Restrictive Surgeries generally work by restricting the actual size of your stomach to effectively slow down the digestion prices. A human stomach can generally hold in total around 3 pints of food. After restrictive surgery, your stomach may be reduced to hold about 1 ounce, but you you may have the option to be stretched slightly to be able to hold up to 3 ounces of food. The theory behind restrictive surgeries is that the smaller your stomach, the easier your body will feel full and the less you will eat. The result of less calorie intake is that you shed your excess weight.

Malabsorptive/Restrictive gastric surgeries on the other hand are considered much more invasive surgical weight-loss procedures. Malabsorptive surgeries work similarly to restrictive as far as reducing the total intake of food, but do so by surgically and permanently removing part of the stomach and digestive tract making it harder for the body to absorb excess calories.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Bangkok Video

Gastric Bypass Surgery is considered the most widely technique for weight loss surgery in the market today and makes up nearly 70% of all surgical solutions in the world. Gastric bypass works by combining both malabsorptive and restrictive surgical interventions and can be performed as “open” or minimally invasive surgeries. The gastric bypass surgery, starts by the Thai Gastric surgeon carefully segmenting your stomach into two areas while simultaneously sealing the lower sections from the upper part of your stomach. The doctor can then connect the upper part of the stomach directly onto the small intestines, essentially creating a shortcut or “Bypass” for your food and the disposal areas of small intestines. There is another type of gastric bypass surgery called the mini-gastric bypass. The mini-gastric bypass in which is slightly less invasive and and take much less time to perform.  Our doctors will need to review your current health to determine the right option for you.

Vertical Sleeve in Bangkok

The sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve weight-loss surgery is a newer form of restrictive weight loss surgery that uses a laparoscope to remove around 60%-70% of the stomach. The remaining portion of your stomach thus becomes a “sleeve” or narrow tube that connects directly to your lower intestines. A sleeve gastrectomy surgery is usually the first surgical procedure for most people and is typically substituted up by the more invasive biliopancreatic diversion surgery or gastric bypass surgery if the results were not effective. Sleeve gastrectomy acts..