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Vaser liposuction is also called Liposelection, liposculpting or Vaser HiDef is one of the best modern technologies to quickly remove excess fat without extended downtime. We use a Genuine VASER Machine with VASER Trained/Certified doctors that use ultrasonic soundwave technology to destroys fatty deposits under the skin to improve the overall shape of your body. Year after year, men and women looking for an affordable and effective liposuction choose Vaser over the other leading techniques such as Smart Lipo due to the value received from the quick and relatively painless procedure to shred fat quickly.

VASER in Thailand | Testimonial


genuine-Vaser-Lipo-thailand-machineVASER and the more advanced Vaser Hi-Def both use ultra-sonic sound vibrations to gently break down your pockets of fat tissue. Compared to the traditional method of tumescent lipo, VASER is extremely safe and does not cause the added trauma and damage caused by the large manual cannula that is used to manually break down fat in Tumescent Lipo. Vaser is currently also preferred by most clients over other Lipo techniques such as Smart Laser Lipo or the older Water Assisted Lipo “WAL” that uses unregulated water pressure help down the fat and the non-surgical Coolsculpting Liposuction . The BodyTite RFAL Lipo would be considered slightly better than Vaser liposuction at the moment because BodyTite RFAL has the ability to remove fat AND tighten skin. Vaser is very good at removing fat but it was not designed to shrink or tighten skin. Vaser in Bangkok uses high frequency sound waves that may cause a slight tickling sensation.

Vaser Doctors in Thailand

The Plastic Surgery Center of Thailand provides you with the top cosmetic surgeons in Bangkok that are specifically trained and certified to use the Vaser ultrasonic probes and Vaser HiDef Technique. The VASER liposuction starts by inserting tiny mic-canulaes into the areas of fat that needs to be destroyed. The fat tissues are easily broken down with the ultrasonic sound beams without causing any unneeded trauma to the surrounding blood vessels or tissue. VASER liposuction probes gently disengages the fat cells just before they become emulsified. From that point forward,the micro-cannula begin to suck out the destroyed fat in liquid form (emulsified). Our bodysculpting doctors may leave some minor anesthetic in the surrounding tissue to help reduce any post-surgery discomfort. Vaser is also one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries and used often in Plastic surgery for men such as male breast reduction,thigh lifts,facial neck and chin fat reduction along with the new Pre-Wedding Groom Makeovers.


Is Vaser or Vaser HiDef Painful?

Vaser 4D is the preferred method for liposuction today. Mainly due to it being much more gentle and less traumatic than any other weight loss surgeries available on the market, especially when you compare to the outdated tumescent lipos or WAL Lipo. This new technology allows our the Thai surgeons greater control and precision to ensure you get the smooth shapely look you want. Vaser liposuction in Bangkok is specifically designed to loosen fat and preserve and protect the surrounding tissues to reduce any downtime. Our Liposelection techniques are done using local anesthesia on smaller areas and general anesthesia for larger areas that require extensive body-sculpting. The downtime is only 1-2 nights and the pain is at a minimum. Our doctors will prescribe some pain medications just in case your experience any discomfort during the short healing process.

Treatment Areas for VASERVaser-Liposuction-body-Areas

Vaser is considered Minimally Invasive Lipo and is suitable for areas including:

  • Upper and Lower Abs
  • Flanks or Love handles
  • Thighs
  • Knees
  • Upper Arms
  • Male and Female Chest Reduction
  • Chin Augmenation
  • Neck and Jowl reduction
  • Buttocks

Vaser Treatment Time & Aftercare

Depending on the areas you are treating, you will be given the option of local IV sedation or  general anesthesia …