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Vaginal rejuvenation surgery in Bangkok and Phuket Thailand are a quick and inexpensive solutions to boost your body image and self esteem. A simple 3-7 day vaginal rejuvenation holiday can help any women feel more vibrant and attractive once again while helping them also rejuvenate their love lives and sexual excitement.

Plastic surgery center of Thailand offer 3 types of minimally invasive,safe vaginal rejuvenation surgeries including:

Labial reduction Surgery

Labiaplasty surgery in Thailand is quite common and is often also referred to as labiaplasty or Labia reduction surgery. Labioplasty is considered an elective cosmetic procedure that can can reduce the overall size of the labia minora or “inner labia.” The labia minora are the inner lips of a vagina. Labias come in pretty much all sizes and shapes. If you have become self-conscious or feel uncomfortable for any reason with the overall shape or size of your labia, then labial reduction surgery in Thailand is the solution. We can assist with quickly improving the appearance,asymmetries or size from one of the best cosmetic gynecologists.


 Reasons for Labiaplasty

Besides cosmetic reasons, the labia can also sometimes cause discomfort during athletic activities such as running or cycling or even during sexual intercourse. Labia can also change after childbirth or maybe caused due to the natural aging process. What ever your reasoning for having Vaginal surgery is, we can help you overcome your cosmetic /medical obstacles. Our approved treatment for vaginal rejuvenation is extremely rewarding and can quickly and inexpensively increase your self-image and confidence.

Labiaplasty vaginal surgery can be performed under local or general “twilight” anesthesia. The actual surgery  takes less than 1 hour to perform and is offered in Bangkok and Phuket only. Our doctors offer several unique techniques that are not available anywhere else to help you obtain such natural looking results that your husband/boyfriend may never even need to know. After the surgery, the small wounds sealed using imported bio-dissolvable stitches that will not require additional visits for removal afterwards. With our modern technologies and safety regulation, the labiaplasty scars are very small allowing for the wounds to heal quickly during your short medical vacation.

Vaginal Cosmetic Surgery  


After Labiaplasty Surgery

After your treatment, the area of treatment may be sensitive or swollen and some patients may experience some discomfort for the first 24-48 hours post-op. This discomfort is minor and should disappear after a day or two.