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Facial hair transplantation are also colloquially known as “Hipster beard implants.” This recent trend is the process that restores hair to regions where facial hair growth has thinned out or missing. Facial hair transplants in Thailand may also be performed other areas of the body such as cheeks, goatees,sideburns and beards. Primarily though this procedure is most often performed on the chin (goatee) or mustache regions. Facial hair grafting in Bangkok can also be used to hide cosmetic blemishes and scars such as acne scars. Alternatives for scar removal include Exilis and CAL Facelift.

Restoring Hair to the Goatee, Sideburns, Beard and Mustache

Reduction of facial hair may happen for several reasons. Hair loss can be caused by genetics, laser hair removal, electrolysis, burn wounds and operations. Locations for this unique process may differ for each patient from a small spot on the face or thin coverage of a certain region, all the way up to the total restoration of a thick manly goatee or beard. The cosmetic treatment can be performed on males or females who are healthy and are at least 18 years of age.

Regions with little or no hair can quickly benefit from our safe and affordable beard hair transplants. The total number of grafts needed can fluctuate for each person but on averages:

  • Mustaches require from 300-550 grafts
  • Full Goatees require from 550-750 hair grafts
  • Sideburns usually require only 250-300 grafts (per side)
  • Cheek beards typically require 350-750 grafts

Potential candidates may also request additional treatments such as Vaser or Bodytite  to be performed simultaneously or require additional grafting process to attain an very dense hair line.


Recent Surge in Popularity

Similar to traditional hair transplant on the head area, the donor hairs for your facial hair grafts will come from the rear or sides of your scalp. To better understand your needs and donation locations our hair specialists will need to examine pictures of your scalp so we can find the closest fit in color and thickness to your desired facial hair. For some cases our doctors may need to to harvest hair form the side of the scalp.