Eyelid Surgery and Asian Blepharoplasty in Bangkok Prices Reviews

/Eyelid Surgery and Asian Blepharoplasty in Bangkok Prices Reviews
Eyelid Surgery and Asian Blepharoplasty in Bangkok Prices Reviews 2017-06-14T17:09:28+07:00

Eyelid surgery or “Bleph” can easily and dramatically help improves your appearance by treating the lower or upper eyelids or both. The simple and affordable cosmetic surgery can give you a rejuvenated look that makes you look healthier and more rested. Eyelid Surgeries are also referred to Bleph. Bleph for people with double-eyelids is known as as Asian eyelid surgery or “Asian blepharoplasty”. Eyelid surgery is one of the most popular procedures at the Aesthetic Surgery Center of Thailand. Bleph is mainly designed to place pretrial creases in those that that don’t have fold in their eyelids. This minimally invasive surgery also helps in the daily applications of eyeliner easier.

Eyelid Surgery in Thailand Video

Blepharoplasty in Bangkok

•    Upper eyelid surgeries are used to quickly remove excess fat/puffiness in your upper eyelids.
•    eyelid surgeries in Bangkok and Phuket can treat Baggy or Loose skin that disrupts your eyes natural contours even impairing vision for some.
•    Lower eyelid surgeries or “Lower bleph”  can help remove any fine wrinkles near the lower eyelids
•   Blackened Eyes or Black bags under the eyes may also be corrected with eyelid surgery
•    Lower eyelids showing droopiness (showing the white area in eyes) is also very treatable in as little as 3-5 nights.

Bleph Surgery Treatment Options

blepharoplasty-thailandEyelid surgery is usually performed on healthy men or women who are tired of looking tired and have realistic goals in mind regarding the procedures to improve the lower &/or upper  eyelids and surrounding areas

Surgical Eyelid Repair including for Asian Eyes Surgery

The surgery to repair or rejuvenate eyelids is performed under local anesthesia and as an out-patient ( no overnight stay needed). In some cases, GA or General anesthesia may be used if combining eyelid surgery with other cosmetic surgeries such as Thermage CPT, liposuction,rhinoplasty, Vaser Lipo,non-surgical stem cell facelifts or tummy tucks. Incisions for the actual eyelid surgery are most often made along the upper eyelid creases and sometimes along your outer-lower eyerim. The Thai eyelid surgeons may also sometimes perform the trans-conjunctival blepharoplasty with small incisions inside your lower-eyerim. This type of eyelid surgery is mainly to treat eye bags and remove excess fat only. Our skilled eyelid surgeons in Thailand can treat your eyes at a fraction of the costs you would pay anywhere else and leave your face rejuvenated with absolutely no scars.