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Breast Revision Surgery

Also known as breast implant removal and replacement surgery, Breast revision surgery typically involves the removal and/or replacement of dangerous PIP implants,saline or silicone breast implants. Revision surgery is performed by our breast reconstruction specialists in Bangkok to change the look,size or type of your existing implants and to also correct any complications from your previous breast augmentation surgery. The overall goal of corrective surgery is to restore the breast contours and appearance to their former shape or size.

Women choose to augment their boobs for a variety of reasons.  Some women  want to increase the size using Implants or CAL Stem Cell Breast Enlargement or to reduce their breast size using liposuction such as SMART Lipo, Bodytite or Vaser. Come women come to Thailand to change type of implant they currently have or to have them removed permanently. Some women need breast revision surgery to tighten the scar tissue around the previous implant. This is called capsular contracture. Revision might also be needed your breast implants have shifted  position (positionfix contracture), or if you have double bubble complications due to poor placement of implants. Other factors include pregnancy and rapid weight loss. Overall, a revision in Bangkok is performed when patients from abroad are not happy with their recently new breasts. Revision surgeries are especially part of our post-childbirth mommie makeovers and used frequently in our pre-wedding bridal makeovers.

Please Note,Revision Surgery is more complicated than having surgery the first time. We cannot approve any revision surgery without detailed information about previous surgery.

Before surgery options can be provided, our doctors will need to perform a virtual consultation. This can be done online and the patient must show a legitimate reason to perform breast revision augmentation in Thailand. It is often best to go back to the surgeon who performed the primary surgery but we understand if that is no longer an option.


Our Thai plastic surgeons realize the trauma and pain associated with having a surgery gone wrong and can help you understand what your current options are. If you are not satisfied with the results of your last operation then we can help.  Our techniques and your surgery specifics will depend largely on the condition of your breasts. There are many factors that can affect the surgery technique and requirements, such as the length of time since last surgery,the woman’s anatomy, her expectations, concerns and severity of complications from previous surgery.

Our surgeons recommend that you wait a minimum of 6 months to 1 year before exploring revision operation. It normally takes the body 6-12 months to heal properly and this amount of time should be enough for the swollen breasts to fully subside.  There are however also cases where our surgeons can operate on patients immediately. The timeframe usually depends on the state and the cosmetic concern of the existing breast tissue.

The corrective operation will be performed in our Thai Medical board accredited private surgery center in Bangkok or a JCI approved hospital. Both General or local anesthesia may be used. The actual surgery takes about one to four hours, depending on the patient’s case. Recovery after revision augmentation is somehow similar to the initial breast augmentation surgery. However, healing depends on the extent of surgery performed. In minor cases, faster recovery can be expected. Before the operation, it is best that the client is able to discuss with his doctor proper care of the breast and recovery period.

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The Aesthetic Surgery center of Thailand recommends a 7-10 night visit to Thailand for Breast revision surgery and breast reconstruction using autologous fat grafting.

There will be swelling and bruising of the breasts for about 10 days. Use of support bra and compression garments or elastic bandages is highly recommended to lessen swelling and aid in the healing of your breasts. Loss of nipple sensitivity is experienced by some women, but it eventually goes back as the breast heal naturally. We recommend you rest and minimize any physical activity for a few days while you are resting in Bangkok. Driving, walking around,straining, lifting and excessive movement of the chest, arms and breast area should be avoided especially in the hot and tropical climate of Thailand.

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