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Donor Locations for Beard Hair Implants

The donor hairs for the beard usually come from the scalp. The follicles in your head grow very similar to hairs on the face. They look, feel and respond exactly like head hair and and can be shaved normally.

The actual treatment is fairly non-invasive and the is performed under local anesthesia. Topical oral sedatives can also be provided for further comfort. Depending on the total grafts needed, total treatment time is between 2 to 5 hours.  The hair transplants themselves are virtually painless, as is the recuperation interval. You will be released the same day and provided with instructions for after care and followups. You will have sutures possible for the first few days after the process so the region must be kept totally dry. Please refrain from excessive exercising or physical activities to reduce the chance of any infections. Some patients will be provided with Bio-Safe Sutures that are dissoluble naturally over time.

Once the grafts have been transplanted, your hairs usually grow naturally just like your facial hair does. This treatment is permanent and irreversible. Your new transplanted hair can even be shaved just like normal facial hair.

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The Surgery Center also uses advanced modern techniques such as NeoGraft,FUE and FUT for restoring head and facial hair. Our Hair Center in Bangkok is able to get amazing results thanks in part to the all-microscopically dissected hair grafts that limit the locations to the lowest potential incision areas thus minimizing any potential of scarring.

For patients concerned with the dire prospects of future scalp hair loss, it is very important to understand that hairs transplanted to the facial areas are no longer available for hair transplantation to other areas in the future. Therefore,future hair restorations to address male pattern baldness must take into account the fact that recipients of facial hair grafting will have fewer follicles to work with in the future.

The Plastic Surgery Center of Thailand is the leader of high quality facial hair transplants.  The unique techniques required for successful face hair implants are very rare today and the truth is that many hair surgeons in Thailand or across the world have very little experience with facial hair transplantation. Don’t settle for second best and do it right the first time around. Our patients travel from across the world to our hair center as a result of our outstanding achievements and affordable pricing.

Risks with Beard transplants

There really aren’t many risks associated with this proven procedure. Most risk comes by way of infection to area of sutures. The incisions themselves are microscopic (less than 2 millimeters). The areas treated will be concealable with your hair. Some patients can also choose to avoid a linear hair donor site incision completely choosing to have grafts using the FUE or follicular unit extraction technique.

Prices for Facial Hair Grafting

The actual cost of having beard restoration or facial hair transplants will depend on many factors including the total amount of grafts needed and the technique best appropriate for your specific needs. To get actual and fixed prices please take pictures of your scalp (multiple angles) and face and complete the short medical inquiry form online. You can attach images online. Once our doctors have reviewed your requests we will provide you with a complete diagnosis with actual fixed and discounted prices. We can also provide assistance with any travel arrangements to the Kingdom of Thailand.  To learn more about face hair grafting please contact us today.

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