Eyelid Surgery and Asian Blepharoplasty in Bangkok Prices Reviews

/Eyelid Surgery and Asian Blepharoplasty in Bangkok Prices Reviews
Eyelid Surgery and Asian Blepharoplasty in Bangkok Prices Reviews 2017-06-14T17:09:28+07:00

The total length of asian eyelid surgery takes around 1-2 hours depending of what areas you want treated. Clients can return back to their hotels the same day usually a few hours after surgery.

Thailand Eyelid Surgery Before & After Pictures

Post Eyelid Surgery Care And Recovery Guidelines

After surgery, any minor pain or discomfort can be easily managed using oral pain meds that the doctors provide. You will also be prescribed some antibiotics to help prevent any infections after eyelid surgery.

The Stitches from your eyelid correction surgery in Phuket or Bangkok are usually removed 5-7 nights after treatment. Slight swelling or bruising may occur for a few days after surgery. This is normal. We recommend our clients to bring a good pair of UV protecting sunglasses as direct sunlight is not advised for atleast a week after surgery.  You can expect to resume your regular activities about 8-10 days after treatment. The doctors strongly advise against heavy physical activities like sports,swimming or weight lifting for at-least 2 weeks after surgery to avoid any complications or unsafe healing conditions caused by excessive sweating.

Eyelid Surgery Prices in Bangkok and Phuket

The costs of having eyelid correction surgery in Bangkok or Phuket will vary depending on your needs with huge discounts for multiple areas or treatments. As an estimate for you, the price for lower or upper eyelid surgery in Bangkok starts at around  Euro €380 or about $490 Dollars. The prices for eyelid surgery in Phuket are generally 25%-35% higher than Bangkok. We also offer all-inclusive eyelid surgery vacations  that include everything you need for a truly hassle-free medical vacation to Thailand while saving an additional 20-40%. The all-inclusive package included the treatment,all medical related fees,ground transportation,central hotels with wifi and breakfast, and round-trip airport pickups. To get the actual price for the treatment and/or package our doctors will need to see your current pictures (eyes) and review you basic medical information (allergies,previous surgeries etc).

Our eyelid surgeons usually recommend a 4-7 night trip to allow for a successful surgery,recover with proper followups. To learn more about your eye surgery options in Thailand please contact us today.

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