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signs of any pre-wedding stress related acne breakouts. Try not to have the skincare lasers such as Thermage or Ulthera too close to the wedding date as these treatments can sometimes exacerbate the underlying acne before the actual healing begins.  We recommend having the non-surgical skin lasers 1 month or two months before wedding day.

CAL Breast Augmentations

“Boobs” are a big part of a womans’ self image. If your cleavage is an important component to memorable pictures or if just want to turn heads and have all the guests jaws drop at the sight of the sexiest bride ever then consider having CAL Breast lift or revision breast augmentation to fix or remove dangerous old implants. Depending on which type of solution you prefer, we suggest you give yourself one or 2 months recovery time before wedding for the most optimum results.

Liposuction and Body Sculpting

Diet seems to be a pre-wedding mainstay and the results can be very promising if you abide by your diet and exercise regimens religiously.  But then again, there are patches of stubborn fat that could ruin that signature dress, and this is where SMART Laser liposuction and body contouring procedures may be necessary.  In this case, we advise having lipo atleast a month prior to the wedding.  That is enough time for bruises to heal (shall there be any) and your skin to tighten up.  1 month would also allow your body to adapt to the changes brought about by diet and exercise.  Just don’t drop the latter two from your list and you’ll achieve visible results. For a non-surgical quick healing option we recommend.

Zeltiq Coolsculpting Lipo.
Cool-sculpting is not appropriate for higher BMI patients but can be repeated several times. over several sessions without ANY downtime.


We hope we have given you some ideas and options while you prepare for your big day. Don’t forget to checkout our recent report on the top 7 cosmetic surgeries in 2014. To learn more or to get prices for your Pre-wedding cosmetic surgery, please contact us today.

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