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tummy tuck. This unique treatment requires additional incisions in the center of your abs and is only performed on clients who have lost large amounts of weight in the past 6-12 months. Usually after weight loss surgeries such as lap band surgery or the RnY or gastric bypass.

Tummy Tucks for Men


Men are just as concerned about their looks as women. Each year, more and more men are choosing to have cosmetic surgeries like chin surgery,SMART Lipo and tummy tucks to take control of their lives and get the body they deserve. Men often combine tummy tucks with male breast reduction called gynecomastia for a completely new body.

Tummy Tuck Prices Bangkok

There are usually no set pricing for tummy tucks since nearly  every single client has completely different needs and body types. Some require a full tummy tuck while others can get the same results using only a Mini-Tummy Tuck operation.  Based on historical average prices our clients have paid, the cost of having  Tummy Tuck in Bangkok  with a qualified experienced plastic surgeon will start at about €1,450 Euros or about $1,950 dollars. The prices for Tummy tucks in Phuket are generally 25-35% higher than Bangkok. To get a much more detailed treatment plan or holiday package we need to show our doctors your pictures and a short medical history (allergies,medications etc) to ensure you are able to travel to have treatment.Once your request is reviewed we can provide you with a complete breakdown in pricing based on your particular needs and desires. Our service comes at no additional charges for you and the entire process will only take a few days.

Full Tummy Tuck Thailand Before and After


Mini Abdominoplasty Before After


Tummy Tuck / Cosmetic Surgery Financing Options

We work hand-in-hand with you to get help advise you on entire medical vacation including all the treatment options, travel and hotel arrangements. PST and its staff promise to manage the logistics with your chosen plastic surgeon to make sure that all your appointments and schedules are kept to ensure that your entire treatment is a success.

PST offers complete financing solutions for our clients in Australia,England and the United States only. Citizens of other countries can check with local financing options or use a credit card to finance your cosmetic vacation to Bangkok. Our flexible financing options may help you get the treatments You desire.Please Contact us for more financing options.

Plastic Surgery Center of Thailand will be there for you during your medical holiday. We are only focused on achieving the best results for you. Our dedicated english speaking staff will help you just as we have helped the our hundreds of others clients in the past 5 years at absolutely ZERO ADDITIONAL COSTS to you.

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Contact us now and let’s get started on planning your medical holiday today!  Look & Feel Great in as little as 7-10 days with a Full Tummy Tuck or Mini-Abdominoplasty surgery in Thailand.

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