The Top 7 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries in 2016

//The Top 7 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries in 2016

The Top 7 Most Popular Cosmetic Surgeries in 2016

3rd Most Popular Surgery of 2016 – Botox – Dermal fillers like botox are popular all over the world because of the simple fact that no one wants to look old. Botox is also the key ingredient in the latest and liquid facelifts and are usually injected along with PRP Plasma in a problematic area which will temporarily paralyze the muscles that causes wrinkles.


Liquid Facelift

The effects of regular botox are usually short term and can last from 4 to 6 months.

2nd Most Popular Surgery of 2016 – Liposuction – Liposuction surgery is to remove the excess body fat deposits. We offer surgical lipos such as SMARTLipo,Vaser Lipo and Bodytite RFAL along with 100% non-surgical liposuction such as Coolsculpting. It can be done in any part of the body such as stomach, legs or arms.


Arm Liposuction

The surgery alone can be done in one day as an overnight procedure but the process to recovery and followup exams will require 5-7 nights in Thailand. Being able to do light exercises or sports will only be allowed after a month.

The Number 1 Most Popular Surgery of 2016 – Breast Augmentation – For women who are less endowed in the chest area, then this is the best cosmetic surgery. The surgery is done to increase a person’s breast cup size. We currently offer Breast Enlargement using Implants or the latest Stem Cell Breast Enlargement using Stem cells and body fat instead of Implants.


Breast Enlargement using Implants

As with any surgery, the breasts will be sore for a good week or two and the scar from the surgery with implants will be visible for a few months but will eventually fade. There are no scars associated with CAL Breast enlargement but women with low body fat/BMI may not qualify.

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