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/Rhinoplasty Bangkok |Nose Augmentation Surgery Reviews Prices Pictures
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explain to you in detail why including all the benefits of each and their limitations. The plastic surgeons main goal is to bring symmetry to your face to they may also recommend combination of surgeries such as: mummy makeovers,wedding makeovers,eyelid surgery,chin augmentation or the brazilian butt  lift in Bangkok for a much more pronounced and attractive profile.

Risks of Surgical Rhinoplasty

All surgeries carry some inherent risk. You should be completely aware of all medical risks of having nose surgery before you consent to having any treatments. Your nose surgeon will discuss in detail these risks during your initial consultation and well before you decide to commit on having nose augmentation. We encourage everyone considering having surgery to ask ALL questions they and and to make sure that they understand everything about their surgeon and treatment.

Rhinoplasty Post Surgery Care

After your nose surgery the incisions will have been closed, and some soft puffy cotton material will be placed inside the nose to help maintain the new structure along your nasal passages. After the nose surgery, an external splint will be applied to better assist your new nose to maintain its new shape. The external splint also help provide additional protection from bumps or contact during the weeklong healing process. The semi-ridged external splints are typically only needed for 7 to 10 days after surgery.

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Rhinoplasty Prices in Bangkok and Phuket

  • Rhinoplasty Surgery Prices: Most minor nose surgeries start at about €700 Euros or about $925 dollars (Prices in Phuket are 25-35% higher)
  • Nose Surgery / Rhinoplasty Holiday Trip Length: Surgery Time is about 1-2 hours. We recommend a 7-10 night Rhinoplasty Holiday to Bangkok or Phuket
  • Anesthesia Used: For minor treatments Local anesthesia. For revision or reduction Rhinoplasty general anesthesia is used.

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Plastic Surgery Center of Thailand offers our international clients a complete range of cosmetic procedures including Revision Rhinoplasty  & Reduction Rhinoplasty. Since we started 4 years ago, our guiding philosophy has been SAFETY FIRST. Our international clientele are always provided with honest prices with the highest quality and least-invasive nose augmentation surgeries.

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For a complimentary, no-obligation price quote or to schedule a consultation with one the top Rhinoplasty surgeons in Bangkok and Phuket Thailand please contact us today.

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