Skin Care

Use Non-Surgical Advanced lasers to produce collagen that can tighten the skin and cause new skin to grow. Erase your wrinkles,acne scars, brown spots, shallow scars from surgery or trauma or even tattoos!More Skin Care


Painlessly remove stubborn fat that just wont go away. We offer Vaser Liposuction,Vaser HiDef Lipo,SMART Laser Lipo and the Non-Surgical Zeltiq Coolsculpting Lipo that “Freezes” the Fat Away. Treatments for Waist, Belly,Breasts, Neck,Back,Thighs and Arms More Liposuction Options


Rhinoplasty or having a “Nose Job” is the reshaping of your nose by rearranging or removing the cartilage and bones. Rhinoplasty is the most effective method to change the appearance of your nose, improve overall breathing and restore proper nasal function or a combination of all More About Nosejobs


Eyelid surgery or “Blepharoplasty” quickly removes the excess skin, muscle or fat from the eyelids to correct drooping eyelids and/or remove puffiness or bags under the eyes.Eyelid Surgery Can be Performed on Both the Upper and Lower eyelidsMore For Eyes

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For Men

We understand that Men are just as concerned about looks as females, but too often settle for accepting whatever undesired problems. You don’t have to simply “accept” that any longer More Solutions For Men

Tummy Tucks

Flatten your Abdomen by Quickly Removing the Extra Fat and Skin and Tightening the Muscles in your Abdominal area with a Full Tummy Tuck or Mini-Tuck in Thailand More About TummyTucks

“My husband and I are both very thrilled with our new appearances after our recent face lift holidays to Thailand. We could not have done it without the help of plastic surgery in Thailand.”
Lucy Jennings, Australia
“Having Plastic surgery in Thailand was an affordable luxury that changed my life. The entire experience was without any issues and can’t begin to describe how good i feel wearing a 2 piece once again.”
Shirley J. Rashid, UK
“I had Vaser HiDef done in Bangkok a few weeks back and wanted to let you know that the results have been brilliant. My mates can’t believe how quickly my body changed. I think my girlfriend was in shock at first but now she loves have a six pack boyfriend. Thank you again for all your help. I know i was a pain in the butt at first but your guys really took care of me and my needs. Cheers!.”
James R, Gold Coast
“Having Tummy tuck surgery in Thailand was a big decision for me. I had always heard about cosmetic surgery in Thailand but didn’t think it would actually be this great. The doctors,hospitals and staff were all very supportive and continued to followup with me weeks after my surgery. If you are considering having any type of surgery in Thailand, i strongly suggest contacting You won’t regret it. I know i don’t.”
Melody McGuire, Singapore

Affordable Solutions in Bangkok & Phuket

Thailand offers several surgical and non-surgical options for cosmetic surgery to naturally enhance or restore your radiant appearance. Contact us with the treatments you are looking for so we can help you choose the option that best fits your specific needs. We offer treatments for men and cosmetic gynecology solutions for women in Bangkok and Phuket.

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